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This property is listed @ $488,000 which bundles the 3,150 square foot home and 3 acres.  

This property is also listed @ $450,000 which includes the 3,150 square foot home and Lots 161 and 162 only.  This equates to approximately 1.5 acres.  There are many mature oak trees with easy lake access.

The view from the kitchen, dinning room, deck, and master bedroom has a dramatic view of the Packsaddle Mountains.

Call or text me @ 512-876-6083 to see this wonderful property.  The property tax rate is only 1.7042 and the HOA is $120 a year.  This is a rare find in the Highland Lakes Hill Country.  Another way to contact me is via my email address


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Some general guidelines for the care of drought tolerant plants.

Following is the Burning Bush one my favorite accent plants.

SOIL - A good rule of thumb is to have approximately 6 inches of good top soil which will allow for moisture to be held giving the roots an opportunity to grow. It may be a requirement to add organic material to the soil to add nutrients, hold moisture, and protect from heat and cold during the summer and winter months. Adding coarse sand and or gravel  can improve drainage if the soil is too heavy.  

WATER - It is important to note that  the most drought tolerant plants require more water until they are established.  It makes sense that the shallower the root system, that more water will be required,

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